10 ways men really say “I love you”.

10 ways men really say “I Love You”.
We would like to think they’ll say some really romantic stuff. Something out of your favorite movie maybe. A poem, a song, a romance novel perhaps. But let’s be honest, real men are not that complicated. They’re saying it to us in more ways than we may think. It may not be very romantic, but it’s real and deserves some credit. 

1. He eats your cooking, even on questionable days. He may not ask for seconds but he’ll stomach dinner whether it’s a bit over or undercooked, or maybe you completely forgot to add salt. Whatever the case may be, he doesn’t overreact. 

2. He’s not embarrassed to buy those items you need once a month or so.

 In fact on his way back from the store he’ll even bring back a snack or two. 

3. He knows exactly what sauce you want for your chicken nuggets. Oh, even more cool points if he’s a vegan/vegetarian and still brings back a 10 piece box on his way home. With some fries too, oh, and a milkshake.

4. He makes fun of you. He has some crazy nickname for you that goes along with an inside joke you two have. Some of your embarrassing moments have turned into jokes that he likes to tell over and over. You roll your eyes, but deep down, you know it’s pretty funny.

5. He takes your cold feet like a champ. You sneak your cold feet on his side of the bed or maybe on the couch while you’re watching TV. It feels like death, but he warms them up anyway. 

6. He might not admit it publicly but he has watched a few movies and TV shows that you love. Even more so, deep down, he likes “Sex in the City”. 

7. He can order your favorite meal with all your specifications, exactly the way you would. Ok, so I’ve mention food a few times on here…

8. He calls to let you know he’ll be running late. He knows you’ll worry.

9. He tags you in or sends you funny memes or posts throughout the day.

10. He asks if you want the last slice of pizza. Okay, yes, I mentioned food again. It’s the way to a woman’s heart too, you know. 


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