5 funny truths about being married to a vegetarian.

So my husband and I watched a few documentaries and we went on a health kick. We decided to become vegans. We quit after a few days because we couldn’t seem to resist cheese. We still can’t resist cheese. We opted to become vegetarians. This should be easy right? Wrong. My husband had way more will power than I did. He lost weight quickly and he adjusted to his new diet rather smoothly. Our wedding was a few months away and he got in the best shape of his life. I never thought he would stick to it after the wedding. After all, he ate way more meat that I ever did. Fast forward to four years later and he’s still a vegetarian and I caved in a long time ago. Along the way some pretty funny things have happened since I’m no longer a vegetarian but he still is. I thought I would share 5 of the most common things that happen when people find out that my husband is a vegetarian and I’m not. 

1. He’s praised.

He’s watched a few documentaries and now he’s the poster boy for clean eating, saving animals, helping the environment, and weight loss. I mean, he still eats junk food, but everyone is always curious and praising him for sticking to it. When they hear that I gave up ages ago, I usually get a glare. I’m usually chowing down on a steak quietly in a corner filled with shame as everyone praises how well he’s doing. 

2. Everyone thinks cooking is so much easier. 

Don’t get me wrong, in some ways it is easier. I don’t have to defrost meat for one, but it’s still a little difficult. My options are not as broad anymore and I sometimes find myself bored. Sometimes  I have to cook separate meals, though I try to eat the same meals with him as often as possible. But not all vegetarian meals are quick and easy.

3. People tell me to force him to eat meat.

A lot of people feel as though he needs meat in order to be healthy. How can I be a good wife if I’m letting him eat just vegetables? People assume he eats very little and isn’t getting key nutrients in his diet. 

4. People are shocked that I still eat meat.

They assume if he’s a vegetarian I must be one too. I mean how in the world could we coexist anyway, right? 

5. People assume I’m letting him starve to death.

I get asked a lot “What in the world does he even eat?”. People are curious and can’t understand how he survives. I swear people imagine him eating a few pieces of lettuce for dinner all while I’m eating a juicy burger, chicken wings, and lobster. Though, I do sometimes eat this way, my husband still eats hearty meals. Don’t let him fool ya. Vegetarians eat a lot! 

These are just a few of the things that people say or ask when we’re out and about. Can anyone relate? I fully support my husband’s choice to be a vegetarian and maybe one day I’ll join him. But for now, he’s fed and happy, I promise! 

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  1. [ Smiles ] Where veganism is concerned, there a a wide variety of vegan cheeses and fake meats.

    So, one does not have to eat ordinary cheese and eat real meat.

    Do have a splendid week!


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