Gifts New Moms Would Appreciate.

Just three years ago, I was a new mom. Being a first time mom, there’s so much I didn’t plan for and so much I wish I did differently. I completely forgot to prepare for myself postpartum. These gifts would have been perfect. If there’s a mama-to-be in your circle or if you’re a soon-to-be mama, consider these. Here’s are some gift ideas for new moms. The baby is fine, check on the mama.

1. Breastfeeding supplies.

Of course, you’d have to be sure mom is breastfeeding or attempting to breastfeed in order to get the right gifts in this case but I had no idea how much supplies were needed for breastfeeding. I’d imagine most first time moms don’t either. I didn’t get to breastfeed, I pumped for a year. Either way, so many things were needed. Some supplies I needed were nipple cream, breast pads, and warm/cold compresses to help with pain or engorged breasts. Some other options are lactation cookies or teas.

2. Food.

I did not plan meals at all. I came home with a new baby and to an empty fridge. One of the best ways to help a new mom is to help out in this department. You can prepare food, purchase food, or give the gift of a food delivery service membership or online grocery store credit. There are low cost subscription services as well that send snacks monthly. And who doesn’t love snacks?

3. Tinted moisturizer.

Look, sleep deprivation rarely looks good on anyone. I was tired, so tired and even more tired of people asking if I was as tired as I looked. Yes, I was by the way. Those first few months postpartum are incredibly difficult but I didn’t want to look how I felt. But I also didn’t have time for an over-the-top makeup routine. Tinted moisturizer can help new moms feel a little more like themselves whenever visitors arrive or whenever they’re able to get out of the house. There are even beauty subscription boxes if you’re not sure what mom will like or need.

4. Easy hair ties and clips.

The house was a mess. But that didn’t mean I wanted to feel like one. Of course I wore comfortable clothes and practically lived in pajamas, but it was nice to do even the small things like shower and do my hair. Having my hair out of my way was a must. So, easy to use clips and hair ties that don’t cause damage to hair are perfect for everyone but more so new moms who are overwhelmed.

5. Gift cards.

I have never depended on online shopping more in my life than postpartum. Having gift cards for all of the things we forgot or didn’t even think we’d need were so helpful especially the gift cards that forced me to buy a little something for myself.

6. Sound machine.

I didn’t realize how off my sleeping schedule would be. But no one warns you that you may have to sleep at times you never have before and there can be a busy world out there making a lot of noise—dogs barking, traffic, and just people going and coming. Having a sound machine was a game changer. It helped drown out the noise.

7. Coffee or tea.

Depending on mom’s preference, coffee or teas are a great gift. Coffee can help with feeling tired and some teas can be soothing or calming.

8. Haircut.

Postpartum hair loss is a thing. And it can be overwhelming for a lot of women. Sometimes, getting a hair cut can make hair loss less apparent. Also, it’s a nice way to get out of the house and have a fresh new look. Giving a gift card to moms favorite salon is a great option.

9. Cute and functional water bottles.

Staying hydrated is always important but more so when you’re breastfeeding. Even if a new mom isn’t breastfeeding eating healthy and staying hydrated can help immensely but it’s so hard to stay on track postpartum. Having cute (but functional) water bottles to take on-the-go or just have them around the house can really help a mom remember to take care of herself. You can order a personalized one for an extra touch.

10. Sleep mask.

(Photo from Etsy Seller: LittleTallPoppy)

Moms have to get sleep whenever they can which is sometimes during the day. Sleeping when the sun is shining can be hard for some to do. Sleep masks are great for napping and pair perfectly with a sound machine.

These are perfect gifts for a new mom, because everyone usually forgets that new moms need things too. Even moms forget that they’ll need things for themselves. It’s important to note that new moms need support way beyond those first few weeks. Support is different for everyone. So being there to listen, give advice (when asked), help with cooking or cleaning is usually welcomed. What was the best gift or help you received postpartum? What else would you add to our list? Comment below!

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