7 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Okay, so you’ve done this a few times? The whole Valentine’s Day thing? Flowers? Chocolate? Teddy bears? Alone? Single? Spending it with your significant other? Friends? Doesn’t matter because we’re here with some thoughtful gifts to break you out of that rut and get out of those routine gift guides.

1. Motion/moving prints.

Okay so, printing out pictures isn’t as popular as it was before. But Pops makes it cool again. They offer an array of products to display your photos. One of my favorite products is their motion pictures. It feels nostalgic and reminds me of motion picture books and toys I had when I was a kid. You simply move the photo from side to side and the picture appears to move like a video clip or like a real life Boomerang. They also have 3D photos!

2. Unique love letter.

Courtesy of Etsy.com

Some people say that we shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to show how much we love or care for someone. So, what better way to add a little love on ordinary days way beyond Valentine’s Day than to make an everyday item magical? With the help of Etsy seller PH Pottery, you can have a handwritten recipe or love letter added to a pie pan and other items. Whenever the special person in your life bakes or cooks, they’ll be reminded of a very special moment or person in their life.

3. A wish bracelet.

Courtesy of Etsy.com

The idea behind wish bracelets are sweet and cute. It’s believed that when you tie the bracelet you are supposed to make a wish and when the bracelet eventually wears down and breaks off, your wish will come true. These bracelets by Etsy seller Chrisia Little Wish come in sets for friends, family, or those in a relationship. It also comes with charms and different styles.

4. Ease their anxiety.

Courtesy of Komuso Design

This may not be the most romantic gift or traditional Valentine’s Day gift but this list isn’t about that. There’s a necklace designed to help “quiet the mind and ease anxiety” according to their website. How does it work? Whenever you feel anxious, blow into the necklace (it kind of looks like a sleek whistle) and it’s design is supposed to relax you through controlled breathing. It has great reviews and is inspired by Japanese monks.

5. Pressed flowers.

Courtesy of Etsy.com

Flowers and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. However, they don’t last forever. Also, well, some of us are allergic to them (cough, cough, me!) but there’s an alternative. On Etsy it’s easy to find pressed flowers that are framed or encased in acrylic or resin. They’ll last forever and you don’t have to worry about allergies. To make this gift even more meaningful try choosing flowers they love, were apart of and special day like their wedding, or flowers that are tied to a special memory or moment in their lives.

6. Matching undies or PJs.

Courtesy of Me Undies

Me Undies sells matching underwear and pajamas in fun styles and patterns. They can be super sexy for couples if you purchase matching undies or if you choose some of their other styles like pjs it’s the perfect gift for BFFs.

7. The new selfie.

Courtesy of DivvyUp

You can add your face, your dog, or anything and put them on a pair of socks. The possibilities are endless. We all need socks so why not give a pair that will make someone laugh or smile?

What was your most memorable Valentine’s Day gift?

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