11 Online Purchases That Will Make Your Life Easier.

I’ve been shopping online a lot more lately. Can you relate? Let’s be honest, shopping online is more convenient, however, sometimes what you order versus what you actually get is way off and disappointing. That’s why when I actually discover a great product, I can’t stop raving about it. Especially if it’s something that makes my life easier. A few of my recent online purchases are just that—great products that exceeded my expectations. I decided to make a list. I reached out to our followers and friends on Instagram to help out. Here’s a list of 11 products/services you can purchase online that will make your life so much easier that you’ll wonder how you did without it before.

1-Desktop vacuum cleaner: Click here to purchase!

I saw this product on TikTok and had to purchase it. Although it’s a desktop vacuum cleaner, I have discovered so many other uses for this mini vacuum. I use this to clean up crumbs on the couch, near the toaster oven, on the stovetop, and after some art and craft projects with my daughter. Instead of having to whip out my vacuum, I’ve found that this is perfect for small messes that happen multiple times a day. There’s no need to plug this in, it’s not noisy, and it’s easy to use. My 5-year-old even uses it.

2-A Robot Vacuum: Click here to purchase!

Okay, so this vacuum is way more expensive and is definitely a splurge compared to the desktop vacuum. But one of our followers explains:

“Robot vacuums are the best. They do not replace cleaning but they help by picking up all the Dust and everyday crumbs, especially if you have kids. This one is operated with the use of your phone. It maps out your home to have a general idea of how to clean and uses a laser to get around. The older versions didn’t have this intelligence and would literally just knock into everything. We have named it and our kids love him. The baby chases him and my daughter talks to him. So, it kind of entertains while cleaning, You can set it on a schedule and it recharges at its base. It is a must have for every home! It works best with leveled flooring but it can go up and down on rugs and carpeted areas.”

-Usha, @Usha_devi

3-Under-the-sink organizer: Click here to purchase!

Under our sinks, both in the kitchen and bathroom, were a disaster. No matter how much I tried to organize it and move things around, it was always a mess. The worst part was trying to find something only to think we ran out when in fact it was just hidden under a pile of junk. This lead to use purchasing and stocking up on things we had but just couldn’t find. This under-the-sink organizer is affordable and keeps things in order.

4-Drawer spice rack: Click here to purchase!

We turned one of our junk drawers into a spice rack. Ours is conveniently by the stove and it keeps all of our spices organized and easy to find. I love that it’s adjustable and it fits into our drawer easily. This spice rack is a perfect addition to any kitchen.

5-Food chopper: Click here to purchase!

A friend of mine, Kimmy, “hates chopping onions” and recommended this product that has made her life easier. It makes chopping and cutting easier. You can use this on onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and garlic. You’ll save time and tears, especially when it comes to chopping onions.


6-Air fryer: Click here to purchase!

What’s a “make your life easier” list without an air fryer? This is the ultimate air fryer because it has two baskets instead of one which means you can cook two things separately at the same time! You no longer have to cook one thing at a time and form an assembly line for your dishes. If you’re not familiar with an air fryer, it has become the go-to appliance to prepare food in a more healthy way. In most cases, food will taste like it’s ben fried but this appliance uses air to achieve that consistency.


7-Laundry service: Click here to purchase!

A friend, Alece, reached out with this service that will make your life easier. Anyone else feel like they’re doing more laundry now than ever? She gifted this service to one of her friends who recently had a baby. How does SudShare work? You go on their website, order what service you’ll like and add special instructions. Then you leave your laundry for them to pick up. They wash, dry, and fold your laundry and drop it off the next day!


8- Jar opener: Click here to purchase!

I struggle to open jars and have found many hacks over the years. However, those hacks don’t always work. A jar opener is a game changer and a must have in every kitchen. The next time you’re trying to open a jar, you’ll wish you had one of these. So, don’t wait and order yourself one now.

9- Microwave cleaner: Click here to purchase!

Who else hates cleaning the microwave? I always hold it off and I always regret it. By the time I get a chance to clean it, it’s sticky and gross. I know, I’m ashamed. This microwave cleaner makes it easier to get the job done. All you do is fill it with vinegar and water. There are fill lines for each. Then you microwave it at the set time instructed and let it sit for a while until it cools in the microwave. The steam helps to soften microwave stains.

10-Cleaning gloves: Click here to purchase!

Um, hello, why didn’t I know about this sooner? If you wash dishes, you know how harsh it can be on your hands. A lot of people use gloves along with a sponge or dish brush. But with this product you get both! You protect you hands while you wash dishes all with one pair of gloves. My hands get really dry because I’m constantly washing them and I feel like I’m always washing dishes. I say I’ll use gloves but I usually forget to or run out. With this, there’s no excuse and they’re reusable and durable.

11- Microwave heating pad: Click here to purchase!

This heating pad is for your neck and shoulders. It’s great for back pain relief. My friend, Kimmy, explains, “For neck, shoulder, headaches, back pain, and cramps…this is amazing!” All you have to do is follow the heating instructions and it’s like magic.

What other online purchases did you make that you think should be added to the list! Let us know!

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**All of the items above are actual products suggested by friends and followers. Some are products we use ourselves. Please be advised that some of the links above are affiliated and we earn a small commission when you click the links at no additional cost to you.

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