We are a bunch of dreamers and freelancers—not professionals in the least. Be warned, you may come across an occasional grammatical or punctuation error. We’re not perfect but to us it’s more important that we provide necessary content and not click-bait. We believe in sharing our experiences, stories that need to be told, and sharing important information that will inspire, help, and uplift our readers.

Meet our founders:

Yasmine is a freelance writer, Tarot card reader, astrology student, wife, and mom living in New York.

She has explored various careers, but has always found her way back to writing. Although she began writing at an early age, it wasn’t until she was inspired to share her experiences as a mother that she began writing professionally. She writes essays and poetry. Writing has opened her up to so many new experiences and ways of expressing herself.

Other than writing, she’s a passionate horror movie fan who enjoys staying up late and complaining about it later. She loves adding coffee to her creamer and laughing at her own jokes.

You can follow her on Instagram @_yasminesingh or twitter @yasminewrites

Her articles can be found on Romper, Ravishly and Brown Girl Mag.

Kevin is a barber, husband, and dad living in NY. He’s obsessed with horror flicks—both good and bad. His tattoos and stoic expression make him appear tough and intimidating, but he’s watched enough Daniel Tiger episodes and is fully in tune with his emotions. Kevin is also an avid runner with multiple marathons under his belt. After changing his life around and becoming physically and mentally healthier than ever before, he wanted to share his experiences and hopes to help others the way so many have helped him along the way.

You can follow him on Instagram @k3vthebarber