Mercury Is Up To Its BS Again: Everything You Need To Know About Mercury Retrograde.

It’s that time of the year, again — time to stare up at the sky and wave our fists at Mercury. Yep, Mercury has been in retrograde since April 21st and will continue until May 15th in Taurus. As a reminder, this is a time when Mercury appears to be moving backwards. Although it’s just an optical illusion, a lot of people notice weird things happening whenever this occurs: issues with technology, mishaps, forgetfulness, trouble communicating, delays, etc.

So, what can you expect during this Mercury retrograde? A lot actually. This retrograde began just days after a solar eclipse in Aries, because why not? More chaos! Anyway, let’s get into what you can expect for the next few weeks.

Mercury will be in the sign of Taurus, which is associated with the material world like money, possessions, and food. Taurus is also associated with the planet Venus which represents love, romance, beauty, and art. So, you can expect relationships and finance to be the focus of this retrograde. Although Taurus love to indulge, you might want to slow down with spending during this time. Take a closer look at your finances. You might find yourself experiencing delays or setbacks financially if you don’t.

You can also expect to feel indecisive, stubborn, and less likely to feel the need to leave your comfort zone. Be mindful of this “my way of the highway” attitude during this time. Try to be flexible, which is definitely something Taurus usually struggle with.

Also, a lot of us will feel the need to reevaluate close relationships. Are they still aligned with our beliefs? Have they grown with us? You might need to address some ways you have grown apart with some people in your life, especially romantic relationships.

This is a time to tap into the practical nature of a Taurus, since things can get really emotional. So, listen carefully and speak less. Observe what is happening around you instead of reacting to everything. It’s an invitation to slow down.

Another theme will be to seek comfort through healthy outlets: self-care, resting, exercise, eating healthy, etc. In other words, find healthy ways to ease your mind and take care of your body. Taurus energy is all about taking that nap and using all your vacation days.

This retrograde will be most intense for Taurus and Scorpio. They can expect changes in their relationships.

But the other signs are not safe. Leo and Aquarius can expect some setbacks with work, family life, and trouble adapting to a major shift or change that will occur during this time.

Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn can expect to feel the most at ease compared to other signs because these shifts will be beneficial to them. They can still experience some issues at this time but will mostly be okay.

So, what can you do? Slow down! Make sure you double check important dates, times, emails, and texts. Give yourself extra time for travel so you are not late to an important appointment or meeting. Try to avoid touchy topics during this time, as communication issues are at an all time high.

Don’t start a new project, instead finish up ones already in progress. If you can avoid signing contracts or making deals during this time, do that. And perhaps most importantly, allow yourself time to reflect, rest, and evaluate your needs.

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