The Handmade Couture Document Tote You’ll Be Obsessing About.

I have been obsessed with purses, handbags, and any kind of accessory to carry my things in for as along as I can remember. It’s like an extension of my personality. I carry a lot of things, so why not put it all in something beautiful? Recently though, some luxury brands have come under fire for insensitive choices in designs and for a lack of representation or diversity. It got me thinking, what brands should I support? I’ve recently gone on a journey to shop small business as often as I can in an effort to make a difference, support, and grow businesses that represent what I believe in. There is definitely a need for more companies that support inclusion, diversity, and feminism. Where we chose to spend our money matters. So when I came across Gale and Co, a female founded small business that makes couture career and travel accessories, it caught my attention. Gale and Co creates handmade luxury items right in Trinidad. My family is originally from Trinidad, so I was even more excited to reach out and find out more.

Courtesy of Gale and Co

Gale and Co was created by Robyn Gale who had no prior experience with design or manufacturing products. She actually has a degree in bio-chemistry and refers to herself as a “science geek.” She spent almost thirteen years in the medical field. She later received her Master’s in Strategic Marketing and that became the first step in creating Gale and Co. Robyn, who comes from a family of entrepreneurs, dreams of one day having a store front in Manhattan. 

Courtesy of Gale and Co

Gale and Co is mostly known for their document totes that look and feel like luxury handbags or clutches. Their customers can store all of their important documents, journals, planners, and paperwork safely without sacrificing style. It’s perfect for the business woman or man who wants to add a little flare to an everyday and necessary item. And did I mention, their products are Vegan, eco-friendly, and most materials are sourced locally? Best of all, customers are able to personalize most items—choosing colors, fabrics, hardware and charms. As of right now, Gale and Co is working on an online store but works strictly off of social media. The demand for their products are growing and so is the company. Many customers have been asking Gale and Co to extend into the handbag industry and Robyn teases, “Maybe in another five years.” 

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