I’m Not Hungry, I’m Just Bored: Quarantined Edition.

Okay so, I know I’m not the only one who stocked up on the essentials (I hope you all have enough toilet paper). But I also stocked up on the not-so-essential things that are still important, if that makes sense. I’m talking about snacks! I’m almost two weeks into this whole “social-distancing” thing and staying home as much as possible. During this, I seem to be working up quite an appetite. I feel like the very hungry caterpillar from the classic children’s book of the same name. And I’m going through my emergency snack stash faster than I should. So, I had to revise my whole plan. I’m not hungry. I’m just bored…or anxious…or worried. Or maybe a combination of them all. We’re all feeling a bunch of things right now. So here’s how I’m dealing with my insatiable hunger during this crisis.


I created a schedule:

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The first few days, I didn’t even think of making a schedule. I was free! Free of time constraints! But that only lasted so long. My schedule isn’t strict but it’s just enough to keep me on track. I try to eat my meals around the same time each day. Instead of continuously snacking without much thought, I have meal and snack times set. Here’s an example of what works for me:

8/9:00am- Breakfast.

11:00am- snack

2:00pm- lunch

4:00pm: snack

6/7:00pm- dinner


I keep myself busy:

I noticed that a lot of my mindless eating or snacking was happening when I was bored or at least not being active or keeping myself busy. I make sure to do 3-4 productive things a day—things that are good for my health or for my future for example. I try to workout every day, meditate, read, and work on my blog. I don’t try to make an overwhelming list of things to do, but I do make sure to have a clear idea of how I want my day to go and what I want to accomplish.


I also give myself time to relax:

Productivity is important but so is rest. We can get stressed if all we do is worry about being productive. When will I ever have this much free time again? I remind myself of that daily. I’m happy that I am getting to exercise more and I’m finally getting to read those books I’ve always wanted to, but I also Netflix and chill and spend some time scrolling on social media like you probably were just before reading this. Don’t feel guilty about relaxing. But make sure there are other things on your list to do. The more you sit around, the more you’re likely to make unhealthy decisions. What is it about binging a show that makes me so damn hungry anyway? Can you relate?


I limited exposure to the news:

It’s crucial that we stay informed however I don’t watch the news all day long. I check it throughout the day but it’s not something I’m constantly doing. Anxiety and depression can cause you to reach for more food/snacks even when you’re not hungry. I know from experience. I’m more likely to eat unhealthy foods when I’m stressed. I try to keep a balance when it comes to information I take it. I like to make sure I’m getting good news, funny content, inspiring stories as well as the necessary news that may be harder to hear.

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Photo by veeterzy on Pexels.com


I keep healthy snacks/food everywhere:

I’m human and I don’t beat myself up for eating. This is not what this post is about. If I’m hungry, I may just be…well, hungry. However I do want to eat healthy. So I keep healthy snacks all around and make sure they’re more visible and available than unhealthier ones. My go-to snacks right now are pistachios, dried fruit, and hummus with just about anything. I also make sure there’s always something healthy in the fridge that I can just grab or heat up when I’m hungry. It’s not perfect, I still give in to chocolate here and there but overall I’ve been able to eat healthier than I have in a while.

Let’s wrap this up. Look, this is all new to us. It’s stressful. However, I know when I eat healthier, I feel better. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not eating perfectly healthy meals and snacks every single second of the day, however you can still stay on track of your health with a few adjustments.

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