You perform “Spells” Every day.

When you think of witches, cauldrons and pointy hats might come to mind thanks to TV shows and movies over the years. I’ve had my dose of Hocus Pocus, The Craft and Charmed. And because of that, I always thought magic and spells were complicated. I mean where in the world would I get an eye of newt or finger nails clipped from a virgin? Actually, don’t answer that question. But you get my point. Supplies aside, spells seemed like a lot of work and were usually outrageous and well, just a bunch of hocus pocus. Yet, I was always curious and intrigued. Recently, I have gotten into Tarot cards and spirituality. And I’ve come to realize, the more I explored, that I perform spells all the time without even realizing it. In fact, I think most of us perform spells daily without knowing.

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When I say “spells”, I don’t mean reciting magical rhyming words and mixing complicated batches of potions. Well, at least not the way Hollywood would have us believe. However, think about some of simple daily routines we have that are ritualistic like drinking tea or coffee in the morning. Take tea for instance. It’s made up of herbs, flowers and other ingredients that are kind of similar to potions we’ve seen in fictional worlds. And don’t we usually drink tea for a reason? Some teas helps with anxiety while others are great for digestion or sleep. There are so many benefits depending on the tea and the ingredients in them like herbs.

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Some witches (again, not the Hollywood type) believe that certain herbs have magical or healing qualities. Rosemary for instance is believed to provide protection, improve memory and provide wisdom. My point is, in a way, we’re surrounded by potions: teas, essential oils blends, aromatherapy sprays, etc. Aren’t potions precise ingredients mixed together with the intention to find relief or to get some sort of benefit? And to take it a step further, drinks have long been believed to have magical qualities like potions. According to, “Speaking of drinks, when you’re stirring your drink, think about your intent; are you looking for positivity or to get rid of negativity? Remember that the direction you stir is very important in spells and “potions.” Stirring clockwise invokes […] Stirring counter-clockwise will banish (acting as a way to dispel negative or stressful energies).”

So, think of the tea’s ingredients as the “potion” and how it’s prepared and stirred as the “spell”. Now, I’m more intentional when making and drinking tea. I try to set the tone for the day. Whether you believe in it or not, how we start our day, and this includes our small habits and routines, has a major affect on our mood. And we all know how much our mood and mindset can greatly affect our day. So, stirring your tea (in the right direction or course) with positive intentions may set the tone for your day. Also, the right combo of herbs can give you relief from some issues. Sounds like magic to me.

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But let’s get to the “magic words” in a spell now that I explained “potions” in our everyday lives. We’ve been told time and time again how beneficial positive affirmations are and overall how powerful words are. Whether you believe it or not, a lot of what we say and think affects how we feel and how we ultimately live. It’s no wonder that “speaking things into existence” is a thing and also “manifestation“. I know what you’re thinking, why not just say “I’m going to win the lottery”. Then, we’d all believe in magic and spells. But, words are very magical. The way we speak to ourselves, others, what we say…it all sets a tone. The same way spells are supposed to work. We, in a way, cast spells every day by just speaking. If we start our day on a positive note with positive thoughts, we’re more likely to have a better day.

According to Positive Psychology, self-affirmation reduces health-deteriorating stress, may help us make healthier choices because we are less likely to ignore health issues, and encourages an optimistic view on life. This is all because, “When we are able to deal with negative messages and replace them with positive statements, we can construct more adaptive, hopeful narratives about who we are and what we can accomplish.”

You might think I’m reaching a bit, but spells are supposed to have either a positive or negative affect on whoever the spell is directed to, right? And when we say negative things to ourselves or others, it can harm them or us and when we say positive things, it can improve our lives and the lives of others. We “cast spells” on ourselves even with our inner voices too.

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But there’s even more power in saying things out loud. According to an article posted on Today, saying things out loud can improve your life in many ways. For example, “…when it comes to looking for something, saying the word out loud makes the thing easier to find, says Gary Lupyan, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.” Not only that, it can also help you problem solve, deal with criticism better, rewire your brain to be more confident and affects how you feel and act.

There’s spell casting happening all around us, if we just pay attention. From the “potions” we make and use to the magical words we say. So, be aware of how much magic is around you and how much power you actually have.

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