Being An Ambivert Is Complicated AF.

Recently, I posted an article that explained the three personality traits: introvert, extrovert and ambivert. It’s no secret that the first two are more well known than the latter. I myself had no idea ambiversion was a thing until a conversation with my husband brought it to my attention. He identifies as an ambivert. To recap, an ambivert is someone who doesn’t quite feel like and introvert or an extrovert. They don’t lean more in one direction than the other. Instead, they adjust depending on what situation they’re in. In some cases that can be more extroverted. In some situations they can be the life of the party and be very talkative. In other cases, they can feel more introverted. In these cases they may listen more than talk, be a little more relaxed, or may even want to be alone. It might seem like ambiverts have this perfect balance, and in some ways this is true. However, sometimes being an ambivert is complicated AF. I interviewed my own resident ambivert, my husband, for some insight. Here’s our interview below:

Yasmine: “What did you identify as before you heard of ambiversion?”

Kevin: “I thought I was more of an extrovert. Because I’m more outgoing compared to the traditional introvert.”

Yasmine: When/how did you realize you were an ambivert?

Kevin: “I guess kind of during lockdown (quarantine). It was kind of enjoyable in the beginning. It didn’t feel like the punishment I thought it would feel like. I always thought I was an extrovert, but staying home and keeping to myself felt like a much needed break.”

Yasmine: “Are you often misunderstood as an ambivert?”

Kevin: “Yeah. Because, even you (Yasmine), will say, what’s wrong? What do you mean you don’t feel like going out? People are so used to me being extroverted that when I lean more on the introverted side, they think something is wrong. A lot of people don’t know about ambiverts. So it can be confusing to them. One day I’m outgoing and social and the next I just want to be left alone.”

Yasmine: “Is there one side you lean towards more than the other?”

Kevin: “Yeah. I enjoy going out and being social 70% of the time, I’m definitely more extroverted. But the rest of the time, the other 30%, I need to recharge. And I enjoy being alone or more low-key. Although that can change sometimes.”

Yasmine: “Do you find one or the other more difficult?”

Kevin: “Um, I think they both are. Being extroverted is exhausting. It’s a lot being social and going out all the time. But so is being an introvert. I need to recharge on one hand by being out and being social and then I need time to be on my own and stay home. I need both. Too much of either isn’t good for me.”


Do you identify as an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert? Let us know! Although being an ambivert is considered to be “the best of both worlds”, as Kevin mentioned, it has its ups and downs like the others. Can you relate?

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