How To Save Money This Holiday Season.

I’m going to be honest, I’m having trouble getting into the holiday spirit this year. And I know I’m not alone. But the holidays are around the corner nonetheless. I’ve decorated. The tree is up. And, it’s time to buy gifts. During the holiday season many of us struggle to stay on budget or sometimes end up throwing the whole budget out. This year, it’s even worse for many around the world. It’s always a great idea to try to save some money, but this year, it’s more necessary than ever. I’ve gathered some tips to help us all stay on budget and save some money while shopping for gifts this year.

1. Shop in bulk.

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One of my followers suggested buying everyone the same thing and shopping in bulk. A quick Google search of wholesale items, and you’ll quickly see how much you’ll save. For example: Mugs, glassware, dishes, socks, candles, candy, etc. Not only will you save money, it also makes shopping easier.

2. Purchase all in one place.

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Some stores or online retailers offer discounts and cash back if you purchase over a certain dollar amount. Some of my followers suggested sites like Rakuten. Shopping all in one place helps you qualify for free shipping, discounts, coupons, and sometimes cash back. It’s also a lot easier.

3. Shop late.

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I’ve never tried this myself, but a lot of people swear shopping late saves money. There are a lot of sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday before the holidays but there are a lot of sales after as well. A lot of businesses and retailers want to get rid of overstock holiday items. And if you don’t need a gift before or on time for Christmas, then this might be an option for you. Keep in mind that waiting until the last minute (especially during a pandemic) may result in late gifts, but it may save you some cash.

4. Group gifts.

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This is a tip I swear by. Instead of buying one gift per person, buy one gift per family or couple. Some great options are gift cards, activities, subscriptions, games, or food. Before the pandemic, my favorite gift to give families were gift cards to the movie theater or for restaurants. During the pandemic, it’s subscriptions to streaming services, games, or gift cards to local restaurants for take-out.

5. Gift card deals.

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Some companies will offer deals when you buy a gift card over a certain dollar amount or if you buy gift cards in bulk. Some restaurants offer a $10 gift card for every $25-$50 gift card purchased. A quick search online will bring up some amazing deals. You save money and you don’t have to wrap anything!

6. Join groups on social media:

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There are Facebook groups and Instagram pages that post sales and deals throughout the year. Some will post deals for local stores and some for online retailers. Just a quick Facebook search or hashtag search on Instagram will do the trick. Beware: deals are posted often and can be tempting. If you’re having trouble staying on budget or have trouble turning down a good deal, this might not be the best option for you.

These are just a few tips to help you during the holiday season. Remember, the holidays are not about how much you spend or gifts. So, don’t go broke! Make sure you come up with a realistic budget. Take note of everyone you need to buy a gift for. And do your research before you buy gifts.

Do you have any tips? Let us know!

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