Say Hello To This After-Sex Clean Up Product.

Sex can be messy. It’s something (like so many others) that just isn’t discussed enough. I was totally unprepared for it. I mean, remember that sex scene in Titanic? I was way too young to watch. It was an awkward moment in the movie theatre with my parents. Not only was it awkward, but it was so unrealistic. The only issue seemed to be the fogged windows. The only mess left behind was a handprint. Okay, so maybe I wasn’t supposed to get sex advice from a movie. But in so many movies, shows, in the media, etc, no one really talks about the clean up.

I mentioned in a previous article that I began using period underwear as “after-sex underwear” instead. And although it’s definitely been a game changer, I recently stumbled upon a product that may change the after-sex clean game up forever. It’s called a Dripstick. It’s sold on a website called Awkward Essentials. Could it be more on point?

The Dripstick is a sponge on a stick that looks similar to a tampon. The Dripstick is supposed to be inserted, twirled, and then removed in order to remove excess fluids in the vaginal canal. It doesn’t sound sexy, I know. But check out their tutorial done on a Twinkie:

For many of us, we know that cleaning up after sex is more than just worrying about the sheets. And the clean up goes way beyond the time you spent having sex, especially for those of us with vaginas. This device was designed to prevent or at least decrease the “dripping” that can occur for hours after-sex.

It’s genius and I’m kind of shocked we’ve been without something like this for so long. What do you think? Would you try this?

Visit for more details and to purchase.

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