I’m The Only One Waiting For Low-Rise Jeans To Make A Comeback.

I’ve noticed that bell bottom jeans are making a comeback. I remember when they made a return from the 70’s and made their way into the early 2000’s and my parents were in shock. No one thought it would stick, but it did. And now they’re back. People aren’t really in an uproar about it, you either like it or you don’t. There are no strong feelings about it. But low-rise jeans? it’s like a four-letter word.

Low-rise jeans were huge in the early 2000’s. And from then on, they got lower and lower. And they became super-low rise jeans. Celebrities have been photographed recently rocking the old trend that most were grateful had died out. Most, except for me. I might be the only one eagerly awaiting the revival of low-rise jeans.

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

Don’t get be wrong, I don’t think I’ll ever let my jeans dip dangerously low like the last phase of super-low rise jeans in the the late 2000’s when it was on it’s way out. However, high-rise jeans have taken it a little too far. Just as low-rise jeans morphed into super-low rise jeans, high-rise or high-waisted jeans have become super-high rise jeans.

Jeans these days may not be dangerously low, but have they become dangerously high? Hear me out. They are starting to remind me of waist trainers. And although a lot of people are fans of this style, I’m tired of trying to fit my FUPA in them. FUPA stands for fat upper pubic area, and Beyonce accepted hers postpartum, and I’m on the road to accepting mine.

Photo by Julia Kuzenkov on Pexels.com

Since jeans have become higher and higher throughout my postpartum journey, I’ve found it more and more difficult to fit into them. My newfound pooch is here to stay and if I’m honest, although I like the look of high-rise jeans, they are uncomfortable. I usually have to size up in order to zip them comfortably because my body doesn’t fit the standard hip to waist ratio. I’ve even tried jeans made for “curvy” women only to realize there were acceptable measurements for curvy women that I didn’t fit into either–wide hips were given some wiggle room but not larger waists.

So, before you judge my eagerness to shop for low-rise jeans again, I’m just ready to let my FUPA have some breathing room.

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