New Moon In Leo: Go For It.

Full moons get all of the attention because let’s face it—they’re dramatic. New moons, like the one we’re having tonight, are often overlooked. I strongly suggest you don’t let the energy of this new moon pass you by. Here’s everything you need to know about this full moon in Leo.

A new moon is the first lunar phase. It occurs when the sun and the moon have the same ecliptic longitude. Basically the moon looks dark, almost invisible if you’re not looking close enough. That’s because only the dark side of the moon is visible to us.

Since astrology was originally created for farming, new moons are known to be connected to planting where as a full moon is associated with harvesting. Spiritually, a new moon represents new beginnings, planning, and manifesting.

Right now the sun is in Leo and now the moon is too. That means there’s a lot of Leo energy in the air. Leo’s are typically passionate, courageous, lavish, and chase after their dreams. Which makes Leo the perfect sign for a new moon. There are some retrogrades happening right now as well: Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. With all of that considered, you might feel a need to make some major shifts and changes to get closer to living the life of your dreams.

This is the perfect time to be confident, maybe even a little bit cocky. Don’t shrink yourself or allow self-doubt to control your next move. Right now, focus on what is getting in your way—bad habits, toxic relationships, procrastination.

Now is the time to evaluate your progress and get serious about your goals. You might feel like pursuing a dream you’ve had for years. You might feel like you want to make changes to live a more authentic life.

New moon rituals are different for everyone but generally speaking, now is a great time to journal or make plans about your future and your goals.

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