Everything You Need To Know About Mercury Retrograde For September 2022.

Mercury isn’t the only planet to go into retrograde but it’s definitely the most infamous. Although other planets go into retrograde, and often longer than Mercury does, everyone dreads Mercury retrograde over the others. If you’re not familiar, Mercury goes into retrograde about 3-4 times a year. During this time, it appears to be moving backwards, although it’s just an optical illusion. In astrology, it’s believed to be significant as weird things tend to happen.

Mercury retrograde is associated with delays, mishaps, mixups, and issues with communication, transportation, and technology. In other words, during Mercury retrograde it’s not uncommon to be late for work, to forget an important appointment, to have a misunderstanding, to have heated arguments, to miss a flight, or to have issues with your computer or other devices.

During Mercury retrograde, its best to slow down and to give yourself enough time for travel, planning, or to complete projects. It’s usually not a good time to start a new project, sign a contract, or to pick a fight. During this time, double check everything—emails, text messages, appointments, and dates.

Although that covers what you can expect in general, every Mercury retrograde is unique as they are in different signs. Mercury retrograde starts on September 9th and it begins in Libra. Libra is associated with relationships, partnerships, balance and fairness. Therefore you can expect issues in those areas of your life. You might want to prepare yourself for some interpersonal disruptions or strains on key relationships in your life.

Mercury moves into Virgo two weeks into retrograde. Virgo is associated with organization, practicality, and being methodical. The second half of Mercury retrograde can have a disastrous effect on our routine and organization that will mess up our daily schedules or daily flow.

During this retrograde, it’s important to focus on our relationships and routine as we can expect shakeups in those areas.

Although this all sounds overwhelming, keep in mind that Mercury retrograde is here to help us evaluate and observe what is and isn’t working. Mercury retrograde might be intense, but it’s putting a focus on what needs your attention. And since the themes of this retrograde are on relationships and routines, be prepared to make necessary changes or updates in those areas.

If you’re a Virgo or Libra, or have a lot placements in these signs, this retrograde can be more intense for you as it’ll feel more personal.

My advice? Slow down. Observe. Reflect. And take it easy until October 2nd when it’s over.

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