These Entrepreneurs Were Inspired By Motherhood To Start Their Own Businesses.

Ever since I became a mom, I’ve developed talents and strengths I never knew I had. For one, multitasking is how I survive. Also, I can do almost anything one-handed, I’ve mastered diaper changing in the dark, and I can sense when my kid is up to no good. But I couldn’t have imagined motherhood would inspire a completely different career path or even starting a business. Who knew cleaning up someone else’s poop could be so inspiring? As a mom, I know, we need to be everywhere at once, and get all things done. It’s no wonder that for many moms like myself, navigating through the hardships, and the highs and lows of motherhood spark countless business ideas and an entrepreneur spirit. As moms, we have to tap into our creativity, think outside of the box, and roll with the punches or we wouldn’t make it out alive. Parenting is hard, to say the least, but it’s also inspiring. I’ve interviewed three moms who were inspired by motherhood to start their own businesses.


Christina Lumpkin is a Certified Perinatal Fitness Expert, Women’s Fitness Specialist, and Health Coach who launched Journey2Motherhood Fitness. J2M is a wellness business for Moms offering health, fitness and mindset coaching services and resources. Christina tells Life on the Up, “My first pregnancy and postpartum journey was the catalyst. During my first pregnancy I was disappointed by the lack of resources available to expectant mothers on how to stay active. Also, there are still so many misconceptions and outdated facts being shared that confuse and often intimidate pregnant women and new mothers from exercising. Over the course of my own very physically active pregnancies, I obtained a specialized Pre/Postnatal Fitness Certification and dove head first into researching exercise, healthy lifestyle, and mental health for Moms. I didn’t know it at the time but all of the knowledge, resources and services I started creating turned itself into an online community and business.”

Courtesy of Christina Lumpkin

J2M’s mission is to empower women during the moments when they are most vulnerable to neglecting their health— pregnancy and postpartum. As Christina puts it, “As a wife and mother, I understand first-hand the challenges that women face in prioritizing their own health. J2M Fitness strives to teach women not only how to exercise, but also how to integrate lifestyle management practices into their everyday lives. We need to take care of ourselves as mothers for our own well-being and as the heart of our families.” J2M offers a series of books, programs, apparel and services. Each with the goal to provide mothers with encouragement and tools to guide them on a path to maintain healthy and active lifestyles during pregnancy, postpartum, and for all phases of motherhood thereafter. Christina understands why many mothers neglect their health and self-care in juggling the demands of everyday life, but she lives by the mantra: “Self-care is not selfish!” It’s J2M’s mission to teach women how “their lifestyle sets the tone for their families – children watch and model behavior. We teach moms lifestyle solutions that also create healthy homes.”

Courtesy of Christina Lumpkin

Christina credits her success with knowing how to prioritize time and knowing that there is “productivity in delegating.” She has found balance, knows what she can handle and when to ask for help. She takes self-care very seriously, and wants other mothers to do the same as well. This wasn’t always easy. Her decision to create J2M was as she put it a “faith walk,” Christina tells Life on the Up, “My initial plan was to blog and share tips through my personal journey. But, as a woman of God, I felt that God was calling me to do more so I obeyed. It’s not easy. There are challenges along the way, but the day I committed to starting the process and accepted it as a faith walk, opportunities, resources, and support began to pour into the vision and J2M Fitness started forming on it’s own.”

Courtesy of Christina Lumpkin

Bloom Life Coaching:

Alece is a mother and wife. She is also a psychotherapist who specialized in helping mothers with postpartum mood disorders but she has recently become a Boundary Setting Coach and started Bloom Life Coaching. As a psychotherapist, she could only practice within the NJ guidelines. This prevented Alece from reaching and helping women outside of where she was licensed. Alece tells Life On The Up, “Working as a therapist with mothers during the postpartum period and listening to their struggles gave me insight to the fact that a lot of their issues stem from issues with setting boundaries. Women don’t have support during the most crucial period in their lives. But I could also only practice within New Jersey guidelines. I decided I wanted to support women with actionable daily activities and community support no matter their location.”

Courtesy of Alece Coleman

So, what exactly is a Boundary Setting Coach? Alece’s goal as a Boundary Setting Coach is to teach women not only that it’s okay to say no, but to actually say it and mean it. Bloom Life Coaching is on a mission to help women set healthy boundaries which in turn will help them live more enjoyable fulfilling lives with a method called “Boundaries over BS.”

Alece explains, “When women have strong and clear boundaries they are able to direct attention, resources and love to the people and projects that matter. Once women can determine and set boundaries in the household, with family and in the workplace they are proven to climb the success latter faster, have better romantic and platonic relationships as well as be present for parenting and model boundaries for their children. It’s a win win all around.”

Making the decision to switch from a therapist to a life coach wasn’t an easy one to make. Alece has spent a lot of time, energy and money to get where she is. Deciding to completely switch gears was terrifying. But it was important for her to have a career that worked around her life and gave her the opportunity to help women during their most difficult transitions. Alece receives a lot of support from other moms and says that mothers are a huge source of her inspiration to keep doing what she’s doing. Although she is helping a lot of women with everything she has learned from being both a therapist and a mother, they in turn are helping her too. Alece explains, “Starting Bloom Life Coaching has awakened more of my creativity. As a psychotherapist it’s a very controlled profession with guidelines, ethics and clear boundaries. In life coaching I can show more of my personality and share my experiences to develop deeper connections with my students and clients. It’s an exchange instead of me constantly pouring out.” Alece is determined to keep going and to help women “level up” in their personal and professional lives.


Diana’s Soaps and Candles:

Diana is a wife and mom of three living in CT. She is an entrepreneur who started her own skincare company. Diana worked for many years in the corporate world, but soon felt unfulfilled. She had no idea that some of her most difficult moments, both personally and as a parent, would lead her to quit the job she hated and to start a company of her own.

Courtesy of Diana’s Candles and Soaps

It all started when Diana’s daughter had breathing issues which doctors could not explain. After countless doctor visits and tests, one doctor asked if Diana lit candles in her home. Diana admitted that she often lit candles, but couldn’t understand why the doctor was mentioning it. After a discussion with the doctor, and research when she got home, she was shocked to find out the kind of ingredients that were actually in the candles she had been using.

She stopped using store-bought candles. Shortly after she began making her own candles and her daughter’s health issues subsided. She then continued to make small batches of candles for a few people as well. That’s where it started and then it took an unexpected turn. Diana tells Life On The Up, “I received a phone call and it was from a woman who received one of my candles as a Christmas gift. She said that she couldn’t thank me enough for making such a great product. Not only was her house filled with a wonderful aroma, but also her daughter who suffered with asthma didn’t have a reaction like she had with other candles. The woman thought she would never be able to purchase candles again until she tried mine. A few days after that call is when I decided I wanted to make it a business.” 

Courtesy of Diana’s Candles and Soaps


When Diana saw what a difference her candles made in her life and others, she decided to expand and to create soaps. Diana suffered from psoriasis for many years, often feeling helpless and depressed. She faced criticism, rude comments, and people staring. When she expanded to soaps, she began to see improvements. It became her mission to create safe products that were still fun and luxurious, eventually creating Diana’s Candles and Soaps. Diana’s Candles and Soaps use natural or organic ingredients, essential oils, and phthalate free fragrances. Most products are preservative free or contain natural preservatives.

Over the years she has educated and encouraged others to be diligent about ingredients in skincare products. She also is state licensed and inspected to make bath and body products. Since the launch of her skincare line, she has helped many of her customers who suffered from various skin conditions like dry skin, acne, and eczema. Also helping others like herself who suffer from psoriasis.

She is determined to continue to help people feel great in their skin with out having to worry about harsh or harmful ingredients.

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