I Tried Aromatherapy Dough To Help Me Focus.

It’s no secret that reliving some experiences and activities from your childhood, as an adult, can be very nostalgic. Not only that, but it’s also relaxing AF. Which is probably why I look forward to coloring and painting with my daughter. I’d say playing with Play-Doh too, but shit gets too heavy for me when all the colors get mixed up. Who can relate? Otherwise, playing with putty or dough is mesmerizing. But could it also be great for my mental health?

Courtesy of Yasmine Singh

Recently, a friend of mine, Kimmy, started her own company called Lotus Palm Creations. Products range from essential oil rollers, Reiki infused shower steamers, to all natural hand sanitizers. Oh, and Aromatherapy Dough. So what exactly is it? It’s dough made from natural ingredients and essential oils. It’s supposed to aid in improving your mood and/or mental health. Since I love Play-Doh, I couldn’t wait for her to stock them on her Etsy shop. It immediately caught my attention. The thought of having dough all to myself with out my daughter mixing all the colors together, was enough to draw me in. Also, there was the lure that it could possibly improve my mood or mental health.

I decided to order the dough described as “play putty for focus and clarity.” I have a lot going on right now (I know, understatement of the year). I’m starting a business and running a blog. Focus? Clarity? Yeah, I’ll take some. When I asked what inspired Aromatherapy dough, Kimmy explained that the idea came from an experience she had as a child. In school one day, Kimmy was dealing with anxiety and her teacher put a dough-like material on her desk (you know, that blue tacky substance teachers use to stick things to walls?). She played with it for a while and soon was able to focus on the dough and not her anxiety.

Courtesy of Yasmine Singh

With that experience in mind, Kimmy decided to create something to help others the same way her teacher helped her. And that’s how her Aromatherapy Dough came to be. So, how can scented play dough help with your mood or mental health? According to Healthline, “Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Sometimes it’s called essential oil therapy. Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It enhances both physical and emotional health.”

That explains the scented part, but what about the dough? We already know that play dough is a great sensory activity for children that can help refine motor skills, hand coordination, and may even help with social interaction. But also, doing a physical activity like kneading and rolling the dough, can reduce stress and anxiety. A play dough with the right combo of essential oils can have a variety of benefits. So naturally, I was ready to get some of this dough in my hands.

When my order arrived, I was ready to get started but first, I had to wait for some alone time because mommy wasn’t about to share this dough. Although it’s safe for kids to use, I wanted one all to myself. Shh, don’t tell my kid.

Courtesy of Yasmine Singh

So, when I finally got a few moments alone, I opened it up and started playing. So what’s it like? Texturally, it’s much softer than traditional Play-Doh. I actually like the texture of the Aromatherapy Dough more. It was smooth and easy to squish. If you’re concerned about the scent or smell being overpowering, it wasn’t. The essential oils in the dough are very mild.

I rolled, squished, and squeezed the dough for a few minutes. I could totally see myself playing with this while watching TV, much like a stress ball. The texture combined with the aroma was relaxing. And maybe, having this in my hand would keep me off my phone. Another plus? When I was done, I noticed my hands were smoother and more moisturized too.

Overall, I can see why Kimmy created this. If you can find time to play with this for a few minutes in the midst of chaos, it can put you at ease. I know, because it worked for me. Now, am I saying that scented dough can cure all of your stress and mental health issues? No. But if your anxiety or stress levels are mild, this can definitely help you refocus. It’s a great way to relieve tension and reduce stress. It can also be a great distraction, if you need one.

With everything that’s going on, Lotus Palm Creations’ Aromatherapy Dough was a great tool to help me unwind for a while. If you’d like to get your hands on some visit the Lotus Palm Creations Etsy shop. Again, it’s totally safe for kids and adults, but I’m still not sharing.

**Okay, update. My 4-year-old found my dough. It was nice having it to myself for a while. However, she loves it. She loves how it feels and she is thrilled that it smells like oranges.

*** If your anxiety, depression, or any mental health related issues are severe, overwhelming, and/or affecting your life tremendously, please speak to a therapist or a doctor. You can also visit Mentalhealthline.com for resources.

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