Things I’ll Miss When We Return To “Normal”.

Depending on where you live, the world is slowly or quickly (depending on your level of comfort) returning to normal. Or at least, a new normal. Some restrictions have been lifted with more promises on the way to lift more restrictions. And although I couldn’t wait for this nightmare to be over, let’s face it, we’ve been stuck in this position of uncertainty for a while. I’m happy to see the day where I don’t have to worry about this pandemic, however, oddly enough there are things I will miss. Being in quarantine was tough but surprisingly, there were some things that changed that I will miss. I’m not quite as ready to return to normal as I had once thought I would be. Although there are so many things I can’t wait to do, there are also things I am sad that I will not get to do again. Can you relate? Here are 10 things I’ll miss when things go back to normal.

1: Family Time

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If you were lucky enough to quarantine with your family or with people you enjoy being around, you might be able to relate to this. As sad as it sounds, my family and I haven’t spent this much time together…ever! We were able to spend so much quality time together without having to plan or make a huge effort. It made me realize how little family time we actually had. And although we say we’ll try to insist on more family time when the “world opens back up”, I know it’s never going to be the same.

2: Working from home

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Not everyone enjoyed working from home. There are definitely pros and cons. However, I liked how most companies adjusted to Zoom meetings, phone calls, and emails. Over the years many of us complained about meetings that could have been emails and now it’s become the norm. Most of my work could be done from home as well as for many of my friends and family members. It made me realize how many things were unnecessary and time consuming such as traffic, meetings, and etc. Although I love getting fresh air and getting outside, many have confided in me that they were able to practice self-care more: incorporating exercise in their life, eating on their own schedule, using the bathroom without having to excuse themselves, running errands, making doctor appointments, and caring for their children, etc.

3: Less crowds

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At first, with timed and staggered entries, the world seemed like a ghost town in some ways. However, I was able to enjoy places like the zoo, aquariums, parks, and attractions like I have never experienced before. There was no shuffling around people, waiting for your turn, or long lines. I really got to take in views and experiences like never before. Now, I get anxiety thinking about returning to normal when visiting theme parks or anywhere crowded.

4: Reservations

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During the pandemic, many restaurants began accepting or requiring reservations. Even restaurants that never have in the past. At first it felt weird having to put so much planning into where I’d eat and when, however, not having to wait or worry if you’d get a table was so refreshing.

5: My perfect excuse

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Saying you were not comfortable attending an event was totally normal during the pandemic. I no longer had to make excuses or go to events I didn’t feel like going to. With everything returning to normal, people are eager to reunite and have gatherings again. As an introvert, I’ll miss using the pandemic as an excuse.

6: The snooze button

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A lot of my schedule changed and in a lot of ways it was more free and flowing. Therefore I didn’t have to jump out of bed. Although my 5-year-old is my alarm clock, I can lay there and cuddle a lot more during the pandemic. I will definitely miss more laid back mornings and not having to rush out of the house.

7: Everyone washing their hands

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I remember when my daughter was a newborn and I had to remind people to wash their hands if they wanted to hold her or be near her. It drove me nuts that most people didn’t even think to do it on their own. I’m really going to miss people washing their hands! You’d be surprised how many people don’t.

8. Having space

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As a New Yorker, you’d think I would be used to being in crowded trains and buses. However, I never enjoyed it or got used to it. Having 6-feet of space was so amazing! I love that people kept their distance and gave each other space.

With all that said, I know the pandemic wasn’t easy for everyone and there were definitely things I will not miss. However, the pandemic has taught me a lot and those months of solitude and distance were filled with unexpected moments that I didn’t know I needed.

What will you miss once things “go back to normal”?

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