The First Full Moon Of 2022 & What To Expect.

It’s only been a few days into the New Year and I don’t know about you, but I’m already feeling the intense energy of Mercury retroshade. It’s basically the pre-shadow phase right before Mercury goes into retrograde. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I forget to mention that Mercury goes into retrograde on January 14th until February 3rd? And just a few days after that, we’ll have the first full moon of 2022. So, What can you expect with a Full Moon and Mercury retrograde? A lot! Let’s get into.

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The first Full Moon of 2022 will be on January 17th, just two days after Mercury retrograde begins. This Full Moon is known as the Wolf Moon. It’s called that because during this time, wolves are more likely to be heard howling. Spiritually, the Wolf Moon symbolizes a time of transformation and a time to be introspective. In other words, it’s time to reflect on the year you had and to figure out necessary changes you need to make in order to achieve you goals or to improve your life. Full Moon’s represent a time of completion and closure. New Moon’s are all about manifesting, planning, and taking action. But a Full Moon is all about appreciating how far you have come or re-evaluating your path if you’re not where you want to be.

You can expect to feel emotional during this Full Moon especially since it will be in Cancer. During this time you might feel like your emotions are up and down. You’ll feel happy one minute and then feel sad the next. You might also feel like a homebody or feel like being with your family more. And since you’re likely to be home more or with your family more, you might also feel the need to avoid confrontation or difficult conversations in order to keep the peace. But remember, that only prolongs the inevitable and can cause you to feel passive aggressive in the long run. It’s okay to create some distance from people, even if you love them, if you need alone time or time to process your emotions. During this time, what you say is important but equally important is how you say things. Instead of avoiding how you feel or speaking up, chose the timing and your words carefully.

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It won’t be easy because Mercury retrograde affects commincation. This is the perfect time for text messages and words to get mixed up or misunderstood. We’re also likely to forget important dates like anniversaries, birthdays, meetings, etc. So, be mindful of any important dates and double check emails/text messages before sending them.

Mercury retrograde will start in Aquarius and will shift into Capricorn. During this time you might feel less energetic. However, this Full Moon and Mercury retrograde is all about re-evaluating our lives. Focus on changes or shifts you can make that will improve your life or help you reach your goals. Also, what old habits or techniques are holding you back? You might feel comfortable doing things the way you always have or you feel like there’s no need to rock the boat, but major changes are needed. Review how you are spending your time and energy. Pay attention to social interactions that no longer align with you. Take a look at past projects or ideas that you didn’t complete.

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