10 Interesting Facts About The Golden Girls.

I have so many memories of The Golden Girls. I remember when my family got our first big-screen TV. It was one of those TVs with a huge screen hiding an equally gigantic mess in the back. Anyone remember those TVs? They were huge and nothing like the flatscreens we have today. Well, when we first turned ours on, The Golden Girls was the first show we watched. I have no idea what episode it was, but I remember the “girls” were sitting at that famous table. I felt like I was sitting there with them. No matter how much time passes by, I can always curl up on my couch and watch an episode of The Golden Girls. With Betty White‘s passing recently, that memory of watching this iconic show came flooding back. I took a trip down memory lane and went down the rabbit hole. Here are some interesting facts about The Golden Girls that I’ve gathered.

1. Estelle Getty (Sophia) was actually younger than both Betty White (Rose) and Bea Arthur (Dorothy).

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2. Betty White and Bea Arthur didn’t really get along on set all that much. During an interview with The Village Voice, White mentioned that her positive attitude got on Arthur’s nerves.

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3. Estelle Getty (Sophia) got a facelift shortly after the first season. And the makeup team had to make her look older.

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4. Although the “girls” ate around 100 cheesecakes over the show’s 7 seasons, it’s been reported that Bea Arthur (Dorothy) hated cheesecake.

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5. Dorothy (Bea Arthur) wore big, bold earrings during many episodes but she didn’t actually have her ears pierced. The earrings she wears are all clip-ons and were so heavy that they sometimes made her ears numb.

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6. Estelle Getty (Sophia) had really bad stage fright and would often freeze on camera. She was the least experienced on set and during an interview she explained how that intimated her.

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7. Did you notice there were only three chairs around the kitchen table although their were four roommates? This was due to issues filming.

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8. Rue McClanahan had a clause written into her contract that allowed her to keep Blanche’s clothing which were mostly custom-made.

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9. The exterior shots of Blache’s house, which was located in Florida, were actually taken of a home in Los Angeles, California.

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10. It’s been reported that the show ended after 7 seasons because Bea Arthur was ready to move on. Although, we may never be ready.

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