Can Having Sex Every Day Make Your Relationship Better?

Let’s talk about sex. It’s no secret that a couple’s sex life plays a major role in the overall health of their relationship. But is there a magic number of times a week a couple should have sex? There’s been a lot of debate about if more sex means a more enjoyable relationship or not. But does the frequency of orgasms you have a week or even a month really significantly improve the odds of having a happy relationship or a healthier lifestyle?

According to Very Well Health, a healthy sex life can have a number of health benefits. A healthy sex life can improve sleep, your mood, and also reduce stress and anxiety. Some studies even suggest it can lower your blood pressure or your risk of heart disease. Although these studies suggest a healthy sex life can improve your health and make you happier, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that proves more sex will give you more health benefits and less sex will reduce these benefits. In other words, great sex can improve your life and your relationship but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have sex every single day.

During the “honeymoon” phase or the beginning of a new relationship, having sex often is normal. However, as relationships develop, the frequency of sex decreases. According to Refinery 29, having sex every day is actually rare for couples: “A 2017 YouGov survey found that only 4% of adults say they have sex at least once a day. More common answers were a few times a week (14%), once a week (8%), and a few times a month (14%).”

There are a lot of challenges out there suggesting that couples should try having sex every day in order to reap the benefits of a healthy sex life. However, having sex every day might not be realistic for all couples. Factoring in children, health issues, work, and other responsibilities can cut into time with your partner. For some, it can feel like a chore while for others it’s an exciting part of their day to look forward to. It’s different for every couple and it’s important to do what feels right instead of trying to do what you think is right.

It’s important to note, that the frequency of sex and the quality of sex are two very different things. Couples need to communicate their sexual needs and desires. Everyone’s sex life is different, as it should be. It’s no secret that making sex a priority can improve the overall health of a relationship, however it’s more important that the sex is enjoyable than it is frequent.

So do you need to have sex every single day? According to most studies, no. However making sex a priority and ensuring that both you and your partner are enjoying sex seems to be the magic formula.

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